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Tom Henning


Scales of Justice - Lawyer Therapy

Lawyer Therapy

Many lawyers leave the profession within seven years after starting out. There is no need to sugarcoat it; practicing law is highly demanding and stressful work. Your attitude and self-awareness go a long way in determining the satisfaction you experience as a lawyer. One key is balancing your professional ambitions with your desire for a happy and enriching personal life.

A Therapist Who Knows the Profession

"Sometimes you don’t know what you really need or want until you talk things through."

In my first career, I enjoyed practicing law in commercial law firms as well as teaching tax law. Now as a therapist, I have a unique understanding of what it takes to be a lawyer. I look forward to helping you navigate the complexities of having a legal career and a life.

Practicing law means providing quality service, meeting deadlines, and responding to demands from a variety of sources. I often work with individuals on the following: 

  • Self-esteem and impostor syndrome

  • Maximizing income and satisfaction

  • Balancing home and family life

  • Responding to unreasonable time demands

  • Coping with erratic and insensitive superiors and co-workers

  • Changing jobs and careers

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